9 Wood

  • Wood Ceilings and Walls: Cubes, Panel Grilles, Linear, Flat & Curved Planks & Tiles

Conwed/Wall Technology



  • Metal Ceilings: Linear, Planks, Tiles, Baffles, Cell & Wire Mesh with Metal & Wood Finishes

Fry Reglet

  • Drywall & Plaster Trims, Metal Column Covers, Light Coves & Metal Wall Panels

Golterman & Sabo

  • Fabric & Painted Acoustical Panels, Baffles & Diffusers


  • PVC Encapsulated Baffles, Lapendaries & Ceiling Tiles
  • Fabric Covered Wall Panels & Diffusers

Norton Industries

  • Wood Ceilings: Cubes, Panel Grilles, Linear, Flat & Curved Wood Panels
  • Luminous Ceilings Skylites & Canopies


  • Acoustical Cementitious Wood Fiber Wall & Ceiling Panels
  • Cementitious Wood Fiber Roof Deck System


  • Interior and Exterior metal panels that are sculpted to filter light, be artistic and even support branding with unique logo’s.

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